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February 19, 2018

How a Garage Door Works

New garage door Boulder Garage DoorsOur friendly staff at Boulder Garage Door in Boulder, Colorado is here to provide insight on how a garage door works. We know that has been a burning question on your mind for quite some time now. Today, you can finally find out the answers! Really, we promise that it’s pretty interesting.

The Importance of Your Garage Door

Obviously, your garage door is an important element of your home. It is the largest entry point to your home and as such has both insulation and security concerns. Modern doors have a myriad of safety, security, and energy efficiency features. But how does the system work? Let’s take a look.

The Garage Door

The door itself is the most obvious part of the garage door system. There are tons of options out there, so you’ll want to choose your garage door with care. After all, you’ll be looking at it and using it for a while. Whatever style you prefer, the function of the door is the same. Its purpose is to seal the opening of your garage against the elements and intruders.

The Springs

The whole purpose of having a door is so that you can open it. But garage doors are hefty, especially wide ones for a two car garage. They can easily weigh a couple hundred pounds or more. So, springs are key to how a garage door works.

The material out of which your door is built also plays a role as some are heavier than others. Insulation is another factor. A door with insulation will be substantially heavier than the same door without.

Now imagine trying to open that garage door by hand. Doesn’t sound pleasant, does it? The springs step in to solve this problem. The springs work to combat the force of gravity pulling down on the door which makes the door seem lighter.

There are two main types of springs, extension and torsion. Extension springs stretch out as the door goes down. Since they are seeking to return to their scrunched-up state, they exert a pulling force on the door. This causes the door to lower slowly and helps lift it up when opening the door.

Extension springs tend not to last as long as torsion springs. They can also be dangerous when they start to fail. If someone is nearby when one breaks, they could be injured. If you’re troubleshooting garage door issues, give us a call if you think the issue involves your springs. Please leave repairs to the experts.

Torsion springs are located above the door usually. They provide a balancing force to the door. As they don’t stretch out and put themselves under pressure, they are generally safer. They also tend to last longer. Still be very cautious, though!

Choose your garage door springs carefully. The bigger and heavier your door, the heavier duty springs you will need. The weight also determines how many springs you need. There are various sizes, and some are rated for 10,000, 20,000 or even up to 30,000 cycles of is opening and closing the door.

Let’s look at how long that is in a practical sense. If you open your door 4 times a day, it will take 10 years to open it 15,000 times. Most springs last somewhere between 7-12 years.

The Cables and Drums

Springs are working whether your door is connected to an automatic opener or you disconnect it to open it by hand. They help both you and your opener to manage the weight of the garage door.

There are a few other components that are part of the automatic opening system. On either side of the door, you’ll notice a drum and cable. When it comes to how a garage door works, these cables provide the lifting force to open the door.

The Tracks and Rollers

If you look up on either side of your garage door, you’ll see tracks that extend from the door back into your garage. This is where the door goes when it rolls up.

Rollers are attached to the sides of the doors. They kind of look like the wheels that you would see on roller blades. They are made from various materials: plastic, nylon, and steel. And you can choose how many ball bearings you want inside.

When you activate the opener, here’s how a garage door works: the cables begin to pull, and the rollers follow the tracks up until the door has cleared the opening. Choose the rollers carefully as they affect how much noise your garage door makes when opening and closing.

The Opener

The final component is the garage door opener itself. There are several different types, although the screw drive, chain drive, and belt drive all work similarly. In the screw drive there is a slider and in the other two, a gear and sprocket system. Each respective system drives either the slider or the sprocket to cause the door to open or close. Screw drives and chain drives are strong but noisy. Belt drives are quieter but not quite as strong.

There is one other type of opener that is entirely different from the other three, the jackshaft opener. This type only works with a door that has torsion springs. Instead of mounted on the ceiling, this opener goes on the wall next to the door and attaches directly to the bar where the torsion springs are. It exerts force on the torsion springs to open and close the door.

Because of the side mount, this system is advantageous in cases where height clearance is an issue. It is also a powerful door opener system and works well with heavy doors. However, you will pay for the conveniences of this system, as it is typically more expensive than the other types.

We hope that this article about how a garage door works has been interesting and informative. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Boulder Garage Door. We can provide a new opener, new garage door, even expert repairs, and our more than 40 years of experience makes us a perfect choice for any job. We look forward to helping you.

January 11, 2018

Garage Door Colors

Garage Door ColorsHere at Boulder Garage Door in Boulder, Colorado we’ve put together some insight on choosing garage door colors. The color you choose can have a significant effect on the appearance of your home. Think about it – your garage door is a massive part of the front of your house. It should look its best. Once you read this, you’ll have a better idea on how to pick the perfect color for your garage door.

Match It Up

One tried and true method is to paint your garage door the same color as your house. This is a handy trick to make your house appear larger. Plus, it draws attention away from your garage door and doesn’t cause it stand out. This can be helpful when you want the area around your front door, or perhaps a landscape feature like a fountain, to be the focal point from the curb

But, you say, all my neighbors painted their garage doors the same contrasting color as their front door and other trim around their house. This can be an excellent technique, but best used in neighborhoods where the other homes are similar or if an HOA requires it. Otherwise, going with your own garage door colors can help your house stand out from the crowd, a smart move if you plan to sell at some point.

Use One Color

More often than not, it is better to paint your garage door all one color. You might think that contrasting colors or an interesting theme look great, but not everyone else will. This matters when it comes time to sell your home. A pink and orange zebra-striped garage door just might turn off prospective buyers. Not only does it diminish curb appeal but buyers will immediately start thinking about how much it will cost to repaint or replace the garage door.

Let Your Personality Show

That being said, you don’t necessarily have to keep your garage door plain and boring if you don’t want to. Especially if you’re not interested in resale value right now, you can do what you want. Also, some neighborhoods are full of houses with interesting and unique garage doors. In that case, you can feel free to experiment a bit and let your personality show, and it won’t look hugely out of place.

So, go ahead and try painting the accents a different color. Or, get crazy and use your garage door to paint a mural. If you want your home to be unique and different, that will most certainly do the trick.

We hope this information about garage door colors has been helpful. For more information, please contact us at Boulder Garage Door. We have over 40 years of experience with garage doors in Boulder, Colorado and the surrounding area so we can help you make the right choice. As a family owned and operated business, we are small enough to make our customers feel like part of the family, yet we’re experienced enough to help you with any garage door expertise you might need. Call today.

January 11, 2018

Reasons to Add Garage Door Windows

Reasons to Add Garage Door Windows Boulder Garage DoorsAt Boulder Garage Door, we love to share valuable information with our customers, and today we’ll talk about reasons to add garage door windows. Not only are garage door windows very stylish, making your home look great, but there are also some practical reasons to consider adding them.

Natural Lighting

Obviously, one of the key reasons to add garage door windows is the natural lighting you’ll get in the garage. This is particularly helpful if your garage doesn’t have any other windows to provide light.

Garages are often known for their dark, dreary interiors. You can never find anything in there because you can’t see well enough to find it. While you can install lighting or flip on the bulb in your garage door opener, forgetting to turn off the lights can lead to energy waste.

Add Aesthetic Appeal

As much as people hate to admit it, aesthetic appeal is and always will be very important. People prefer to look at things that look pretty. For this reason, aesthetics dramatically affects the resale value. So, if you are thinking of selling your home soon, be sure to choose a nice garage door to up your curb appeal. One of the ways to make your home look extra stylish is to add windows to your garage door. This breaks up the monotony of solid panels, which brings us to our final reason.

Customization Options

Adding garage door windows gives you a lot of customization options. Choose from a myriad of different shapes, types, and styles of glass to make the perfect combination and create the ideal look for your home. Remember, garage doors take up the majority of the front of your home. So, it is important that your door looks amazing. Otherwise, it will simply be a big distraction from the beauty of your home.


You may think that making your home look nice is all well and good, but what about security? Don’t windows make it easier for people to see inside your garage and potentially break in? What about if a kid throws a ball at your door and hits the window?

These are valid concerns, but there are ways around them. For the most part, the windows won’t reveal much to the average passerby. Someone would have to walk right up to your garage door to take a peek in the windows. If that bothers you, you can simply choose a tinted glass that makes it harder to see.

As for kids throwing balls, it is true that glass is less sturdy than other materials. However, the tempered glass used in garage door windows is very durable and can stand up to stray balls, even the occasional rock flung from the lawnmower or downpour of hail.

We hope these reasons to add garage door windows have gotten you thinking. If it is time to replace a garage door, why not choose something extra elegant? Our friendly staff here at Boulder Garage Door in Boulder, Colorado can help you select the perfect customized garage door for your home. You’ll be amazed at the difference the right garage door makes in making your home look fabulous!

December 19, 2017

When to Replace Your Garage Door

When to Replace Your Garage Door Boulder Garage DoorsAs a homeowner, it’s good to know the signs of when to replace your garage door. At Boulder Garage Door in Boulder, Colorado, we have a few quick tips for you. Your garage door is a critical part of not only the security of your home but also its curb appeal. Knowing when to replace it helps plan to keep your home safe and looking great!

Your Garage Door Hasn’t Worked Right for a While

Sudden garage door problems are usually easily fixed. But if your garage door has been struggling for a while, it may be time to get it replaced. The reason for this is that garage door parts wear out over time. So, if you find that a problem slowly presents itself, that’s a sign for a new door.

Your Garage Door Has Sustained Significant Physical Damage

If you backed into your garage door or a tree falls on it during a heavy storm, it may have sustained significant physical damage. Once more than one panel has been damaged, it usually makes more financial sense to buy a new garage door rather than replace multiple parts of it. This is particularly true if your door is already relatively old and the whole thing could use a bit of freshening up.

Your Garage Door Is Old

Speaking of old doors, sometimes it is just time to get a new one even if it isn’t damaged. Old doors don’t look as good, and part of the garage door’s function is aesthetics.

You might think a fresh coat of paint is all your door needs, but that may or may not be true. Paint can freshen up a faded door, but it can’t freshen up an old mechanism. You could end up pouring money into a garage door that will wear out in a short period of time.

Newer garage doors are also safer. They come with extra safety features and protect better against break-ins. Security and safety are things that you can’t put a price on. One of the most notable features is if a person or pet walks under the door while it is closing, the door will automatically reverse direction. This is hugely important in reducing the likelihood that the door will hurt someone.

Your Garage Has Been Broken Into

It’s rare, but some ingenious thieves figure out how to get around the security features on newer garage doors. More commonly, however, they get into garages with old doors.

Whether your door is old or new, if a thief figured out how to get in, that’s a bad sign. Something isn’t right about its security features. Even if it’s just that they figured out the code; merely changing the code may not be enough. After all, you don’t know how they figured it out in the first place.

Now that you have some insight on when to replace your garage door, call us at Boulder Garage Door and we’ll help you pick out the perfect new garage door for your home.

December 2, 2017

When to Repair Your Garage Door

When to Repair Your Garage Door Boulder Garage DoorsHow do you know when to repair your garage door? Boulder Garage Door in Colorado offers these tips to help you troubleshoot. Obviously, repairing your door is typically cheaper than having to buy a new one. But what problems can be fixed? Today, we’ll cover common problems that may be repaired.

The Door Stops Working Suddenly

You get up one morning and head out to work, only to find that nothing happens when you push the garage door opener button. What do you do? What’s wrong with the door?

Luckily, in this scenario, it is usually an easy fix. If something essential breaks on a garage door it doesn’t often happen suddenly. Most commonly in these cases, the batteries have died in your remote. Try to open it with a different one or from the wall button. If that doesn’t fix the problem, go ahead and call a professional to come and take a look.

The Door Seems Heavier Than Usual

Garage doors are extremely heavy. So, to mitigate the weight and take some pressure off the opening mechanism, heavy-duty springs are used.

Over time, those springs start to wear down and are not as effective as they used to be. That is what usually causes a garage door to start feeling heavier and open slower. If you’re wondering when to repair your garage door, this is a big one. Putting it off will only cause damage to your lift mechanism.

Springs are easy to repair, but you should always call a professional to do the job. Mishandling springs can cause serious injury (or worse) due to the pressure involved.

One Damaged Panel

If your garage door is damaged, but the damage is limited to only one panel, it is usually more cost-effective to simply replace that one panel. It’s an easy fix and won’t take too long. However, if the damage is spread over more panels, it usually ends up making sense to replace the garage door completely. If you’re not sure, talk to one of our professionals. They’ll be happy to advise!

The Door Sags

If your garage door is sagging to one side, that is usually an indicator of an imbalanced door. The spring on one side of the door is probably wearing out faster than the other. This puts uneven pressure on your lift mechanism, which causes unnecessary extra wear and tear. Get this problem fixed quickly to avoid causing damage to the motor.

Luckily, it’s also an easy fix. It is usually just a matter of having your springs replaced and the garage door rehung. Then you should be good to go!

Now that you know when to repair your garage door, you just need to know who to call. Our friendly staff here at Boulder Garage Door are happy to help with all your garage door repair and installation needs. Give us a call to schedule an appointment for your garage door fix.

We have been repairing and installing garage doors around Boulder for over 40 years. So when you call us, you can feel safe knowing that you have the best in the business working on your garage door.


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